Vietnam War era M1917 bayonet for US 12-gauge trench gun – reissued WW1 era Remington M1913/1917 pattern, original 1960th production VP Co composition scabbard; rare type


Original Vietnam War Remington M1917 trench gun bayonet made during WW1 by Remington, orig early 1960th manufacture VP Co. composition scabbard.

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Vietnam War Remington M1917 trench gun bayonet made during WW1 by Remington, original early 1960th manufacture VP Co. composition scabbard.

Scarce Vietnam War era US M1917 “trench gun” bayonet issued for the US military 12-gauge pump-action shotguns – aka “trench guns”. The M1917 originated in the WW1 era and was used in close-quarters fighting, including clearing trenches and dugouts of enemy soldiers. This this type was also used in combat in WW2, as well as during the Korean and Vietnam War. These devastatingly effective 12-guage shotguns and their “long” bayonets were well-liked by the GIs and feared by the enemy. More information on this rare bayonet type could be found here, courtesy of Wikipedia.

This particular M1917 specimen was originally manufactured by Remington Arms in 1913 as the M1913 Pattern. In October 1917 it was arsenal-reconditioned with some handle parts modified and blade darkened and likely pressed into service during WW1 as the M1913/1917 pattern. See the “screaming eagle/24” acceptance stamp on ricasso next to the original circa 1913 “flaming bomb” / US stamp. During the subsequent wars a number of original WW1 era bayonets were issued with trench guns which were adapted for the use of such bayonets. This is a high-quality manufacture bayonet with crisp blade lines and excellent dark-gray parkerized-like finish throughout; original edge is pretty sharp still; the tip is intact. A couple of minor edge nicks near the tip are noted for accuracy. Original WW-1 era handle grips are in great shape with no chips or cracks. All handle parts are tight; no contact marks on the pommel; bayonet release mechanism is excellent and 100% functional.

The bayonet is about 22″ / 56 cm overall; the blade is about 17″ / 43.2 cm long. Original Vietnam War era issue composition scabbard was made in the early-1960th by Victory Plastics division of the Beckwith Manufacturing Company – it is marked VP Co. on the throat. The Victory Plastics plant in Hudson, MA closed in about 1964, so VP Co-marked M1917 scabbards are relatively easy to date. The scabbard is in very goo overall condition but it looks like it was dropped on the tip a couple of times – the tip is cracked in several places was glued together – see photos. Other than the tip damage this scabbard is in 100% serviceable condition still.  This original Vietnam War Remington M1917 trench gun bayonet and its correct original BA Inc scabbard are in great overall condition. A desirable and highly collectible type; rare this nice and complete.

This scarce Vietnam War Remington M1917 trench gun bayonet has not been cleaned or tampered with in any way; it’s in 100% original “as purchased” condition. These are the actual photos; Garand clips are is not included with the lot 😉 Don’t miss your chance to add this scarce WW1/WW2/Vietnam War era bayonet set to your collection! I have several Vietnam War era knives and fighting knives, as well as some scarce WW1 and WW2 fighting daggers and trench knives available for sale – please take a look in the store’s Militaria section.

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