WW2 era Utica Cutlery US 10-in blade M1 bayonet, NOT a cut-down, rare UNUSED condition, original M7 scabbard


Original WW2 Utica M1 bayonet, UC-marked 10-inch blade (not a cut-down), rare UNUSED/UNISSUED condition; orig M7 composition scabbard – scarce this nice.

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Original WW2 Utica M1 bayonet, UC-marked 10-inch blade (not a cut-down), rare UNUSED condition; original M7 composition scabbard – scarce this nice.

Original WW2 era M1 bayonet for US Garand manufactured circa 1944 by Utica Cutlery ­- marked U.C. on ricasso in rare UNUSED condition. This is the 10″-blade specimen NOT a cut-down of the older 16″ blade M1905. This M1 is in rare unused condition with the “parkerized” factory blade finish intact; this type is rare as such. This specimen is very well-made with crisp lines and a well-defined edge; ricasso is sharply stamped U.C. / US “flaming bomb” on one side.

The bayonet is in unused condition with most of the original parkerized blade finish remaining; the blade is bayonet release mechanism is still covered in factory cosmoline to prevent corrosion. The muzzle ring and pommel are excellent with no contact marks; one side of the guard is has an early-production serial number (was a very short-lived feature). The pommel is marked with a capital letter H. Black plastic handle grips in excellent shape; all parts are tight with no play. The scabbard/bayonet release mechanism is excellent and 100% functional. This M1 is about 14-3/8″ / 37 cm overall; the blade is about 9-7/8″ / 25 cm. Original WW2 era M7 composition scabbard was manufactured by Victory Plastics. The throat is marked with US “flaming-bomb” ordinance mark on the throat; the throat’s underside plate is sharply stamped B. The scabbard is in excellent overall condition; 100% serviceable.

Overall, this WW2 Utica M1 bayonet is in excellent 100% functional condition; this type is rare this nice as most were used as intended. This WW2 AFH M1 bayonetWW2 Utica M1 bayonet is not cleaned or tampered with in any way, it is in 100% original “as is” condition. These are the actual photos; Garand clips are not included with the bayonet 😉

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