GERMANY WW1 era Bavarian M925 or M927 Kampfmesser (combat knife) trench dagger made by Hugo Koller, original metal scabbard; rare type


Original WW1 era Bavarian Kampfmesser trench dagger M925 fighting knife made by Hugo Koller; orig metal scabbard. Rare type in great overall condition, considering the age. FREE SHIPPING within the US for this item!

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WW1 era Bavarian Kampfmesser trench dagger M925 fighting knife manufactured by Hugo Koller, Solingen; original metal scabbard included. Rare type in great overall condition, considering the age.

Original and quite rare WW1 era Bavarian trench dagger manufactured classic circa 1915-1916 by Hugo Köller of Solingen; this type was originally referenced as Modell 925 Kampfmesser (model 925 close combat knife – or M927, depending on the source). This Kampfmesser is a classic early WW1 era full-tang construction trench knife with the double-edged dagger blade, wood handle scales, thick flat iron guard, and original metal scabbard. This exact type is illustrated on page 117 of the excellent French reference book by Christian Mary Knives and Daggers-Bayonets Used by the German Army During 1914-1945 (see the book’s page scan in the photos). According to Christian Mary’s book, Bavaria had manufactured just 10,000 of these daggers.

This trench dagger is of excellent overall quality and it’s in better than average condition for the type – no heavy pitting, dings or nicks on the blade’s age; original wood handle scales are intact. The dagger is about 10-7/8” / 27.5 cm overall; the blade is about 5-7/88” / 15 cm. Ricasso is marked with the Imperial German eagle / HUGO KÖLLER / SOLINGEN on one side and with the Bavarian king’s monogram on the other. Original leather washer is still on the guard; looks like it has not moved since WW1. The blade’s edges are very sharp still; the tip is intact; this type is VERY rare this nice. Original varnished wood handle scales are nice and tight; no chips, cracks, or repairs. The dagger is solid; all parts are tight with no play. Original metal scabbard; leather belt hanger is soft an supple still; the keeper is gone (an easy fix). The scabbard is in great overall condition; it has not been repainted; some of the original black finish is still present.

After 100 plus years this WW1 Germany Kampfmesser fighting knife trench dagger with original scabbard is still in 100% serviceable condition; it’s in excellent shape, considering the age. Today most of the surviving WW1 era Kampfmesser knives are in private collections & rarely come up for sale. Don’t miss your chance to add this original WW1 Germany Kampfmesser fighting knife trench dagger to your collection!

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