WW2 Germany Luftwaffe Model L double-barrel GBW signal pistol dated 1942; great condition

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Original WW2 Germany Model L signal pistol manufactured by Gustav Bittner Werke (GBW) in 1942. Rare double-barrel Luftwaffe signalpistole type; mechanically excellent with crisp action – hard to find this nice.

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WW2 Germany Model L signal pistol manufactured by Gustav Bittner Werke (GBW) in 1942. Rare original WW-II era double-barrel Luftwaffe Luftwaffennachrichtentruppe (LN)-marked signalpistole type; mechanically excellent with crisp action – hard to find this nice.

Original WW2 era German Model L Signalpistole 26.5 mm double-barreled flare gun – a scarce Luftwaffe (Air Force) model originally developed in 1936. The  Luftwaffe and the military in general relied heavily on the use of flares for signaling and communication and each branch of armed  forces had it’s own signal pistol model(s). This is an excellent Model L Filegerleuchtpistole example with all original parts and finish; it was made in 1942 by Gustav Bittner Werke (GBW) – the frame is stamped GBW / 1942 on one side near the safety switch, along with a bunch of waffenamt stamps on every possible part. This is model is designated as “LN” – Luftwaffennachrichtentruppe (Air Force transmission service) type; Gustav Bittner Werke produced just about 5,500 Model L marked with abbreviation GBW; about half of these bore LN designation.

Model L has a pretty complex design, as far as flare guns go. Besides having two barrels, is cocks both firing pins automatically upon reloading, a fire selector, and has two separate triggers allowing the user to fire one round at a time or both simultaneously.  It also has a safety and “cocked pins” indicator.  The L Model uses a “break open” design that is activated by pushing forward the release lever located under the trigger guard. This action releases the locking lugs, opens the action, cocks the pistol and automatically sets it on “safe”. After closing the action, the user can use the fire selector switch on the rear of the frame to determine which barrel to fire (or fire both barrels simultaneously). The split trigger is used to fire whatever barrel has been selected.

This specimen is used but it is in very good overall condition – the bore is nice and clean with no pitting; all original parts;  matching serials; original Bakelite handle grips are intact; the action is nice and crisp. The fire control switch, spur and trigger assembly still have their factory bluing;  several dents on the barrel and the butt of the handle are noted for accuracy. The frame and the barrel were made of a relatively soft aircraft aluminum alloy; dents and scratches from everyday use are common for this type. Original dark-brown finish on anodized aluminum throughout; this specimen has not been cleaned or re-finished. All parts are tight with no play; this specimen is mechanically excellent – rare as such. These are the actual photos; a couple of Cold War era 26.5mm spent aluminum casings pictured will be included to protect the firing pins in case of an accidental “dry fire”.

This type is never to be tried with “regular” or shotgun ammunition  – these aluminum alloy flare guns were designed only for shooting low-pressure flare cartridges only and are likely going to disintegrate if tried with modern ammo; that would illegal as well. This scarce original Luftwaffe WW2 Germany Model L signal pistol has not bee cleaned or tempered with; scarce in such authentic condition. This original WW2 Germany Model L signal pistol will be a great addition to any collection.

This original WW2 Germany Model L signal pistol-flare gun is not a “firearm” under US law and needs no FFL to transfer or own; this WW-2 era flare gun is obsolete; its spare parts are no longer made. I have a few more WW1 and WW2 era flare guns coming up for sale, plus several scarce WW2 fighting daggers and WW1 trench knives available for sale immediately – please take a look in our Militaria section.

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