Puma Germany WW2 era Fighting Knife, original metal scabbard; rare UNUSED


Original Puma Germany WW2 era fighting knife, late-war “wood grips” issue boot dagger, orig “spring leaf” metal scabbard. Scarce type in rare UNUSED condition. FREE EXPEDITED SHIPPING WITHIN THE U.S. FOR THIS ITEM

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Puma Germany WW2 era fighting knife, late-war “wood grips” issue boot dagger, original “spring leaf” metal scabbard. Scarce type in rare UNUSED condition.

Original WW2 era German Army fighting knife in rare unused condition made during the war by the famous Puma Werk Co. in Solingen, Germany – this is an unmarked specimen manufactured late in the war as the “last-ditch” attempt to supply Wehrmacht troops with a reliable and simple to produce fighting knife. War-expedient brown hardwood handle scales, original metal “boot clip” scabbard – this exact type is illustrated on page 220 of the excellent French reference book Knives and Daggers-Bayonets Used by the German Army During 1914-1945 by Christian Mary (see the book’s scan in the photos). This fighting knife is about 10″” / 25.5 cm overall; the blade is about 5-7/8” / 15 cm; ricasso is unmarked. Original factory edge is razor-sharp still; the tip is intact. The blade has not been cleaned; original grind marks are clearly visible still. Plain hardwood handle scales are near-perfect with no typical ding marks, chips or cracks. The guard is solid; all parts are tight with no play; unbelievably, the original leather washer is still on. Original metal scabbard with the “leaf spring” for boot carry is solid and holds the blade tight. The scabbard has about 95% of the original black finish remaining.

I’m selling this item on a consignment; a reserve price has been set by the seller.  After 80 plus years this Puma Germany WW2 era fighting knife/boot dagger and its original metal scabbard are still in 100% serviceable condition; it’s in great overall shape, considering the age. Today most of the surviving WW2 Puma boot knives are in private collections & rarely come up for sale. This type is VERY rare this nice; don’t miss your chance to add it to your collection. This original Puma Germany WW2 era fighting knife has not been cleaned or tampered with in any way; it is in 100% original “as is” condition. These are the actual photos; K98 clips are not included with the lot 😉

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