FRANCE WW2 era MAS36 rifle spike bayonet; scarce early manufacture “no hole” specimen


Original WW2 French MAS36 spike bayonet; scarce “no hole” early manufacture, great overall condition, considering the age. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE U.S. FOR THIS ITEM!

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WW2 French MAS36 spike bayonet; scarce “no hole” early manufacture, great overall condition, considering the age.

A nice example of an early-issue spike bayonet designed by the French for their pre-WW2 MAS36 bolt-action rifle.  This is a typical French “stick ’em up” spike design; the unusual feature of this bayonet is that is was supposed to be stored within the rifle internally in a tube under the barrel, hence no need for the scabbard.  Almost the entire bayonet was concealed within; just the handle//bayonet base would be sticking out. Unfortunately, the soldiers pretty quickly discovered that two rifles could be locked into each other “barrel-to-barrel” if connected via the sticking portion of the bayonet handle (of course this is something one just would HAVE TO do with the issued firearm, right?!).  Anyways, to prevent some idiots from taking out of action 2 good rifles at a time the French brass decided to make the design almost idiot-proof by drilling a hole in the bayonet’s handle. Now, even if some moron did manage to lock two rifles in that manner, they could be easily disengaged with a push of a pin. I’m not kidding; after the war the French even issued a field memo on the subject.

The bayonet I offer for sale is an early production “no hole” design – and therefore not an “idiot-proof” specimen.  The bayonet is a bit used but it’s in great condition; the blade is straight; needle-like tip is intact. Original spring within the handle is nice and tight; all parts are solid with no play. The bayonet is about 17-1/8” / 43.5 cm;  the blade is about 13-1/4″ / 33.5 cm long.  The base is stamped with the production series number 76.

This original WW2 French MAS36 spike bayonet in great overall condition and in 100% serviceable condition still; these are the actual photos. I have a few more WW2 era bayonets, as well as some scarce WW1 and WW2 era fighting daggers and trench knives made in the US, Great Britain, France, Germany, and other countries available for sale – please take a look in the Militaria section.

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