USA Korean War era IMPERIAL USAF type A-1 Folding Survival Machete, original leather “holster sheath”, honing stone; rare unused


Original Korean War Imperial A1 machete issued to USAF crews, orig TYPE A-1 leather sheath, Crystolon honing stone, leg tie. Rare UNUSED condition – VERY hard to find this nice and complete. FREE EXPEDITED SHIPPING WITHIN THE U.S. FOR THIS ITEM!

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Korean War Imperial A1 machete issued to USAF crews, original TYPE A-1 leather sheath with Crystolon honing stone, leg tie. Rare UNUSED condition – VERY hard to find this nice and complete.

Original Korean War era folding A-1 Survival Machete manufactured by IMPERIAL CUTLERY in Providence, RI. The Type A-1 was issued circa 1948 to the US Air Force pilots as part of the bail-out survival kit. These large handy machetes / bolo knives were usually carried in the B-4 survival kits (seat packs) attached to the pilot’s parachute harness. Interestingly enough, this particular type is erroneously illustrated as the WW2 era survival machete on page 69 of U.S. MILITARY KNIVES; BOOK TWO published in 1973 by Michael H. Cole – a well-established expert and the author of a number of books on the subject of the US military edged weapons (see the book’s scan attached). The A-1 type, however, was adapted by the US military in 1948. Besides, this machete’s design and materials are too complex and expensive for the WW-2 mass production, but the misinformed reference kind of stuck to this survival machete anyway.

This A-1 is in rare unused condition with original “gun-blued” finish throughout, leather “pistol holster” type sheath and hard-to-find original Crystolon honing stone included. The machete is in perfect working order; the blade and blade cover are nice and tight. Original black plastic grips are in excellent condition with no cracks or chips; the handle is tight with zero play; blade lock is in perfect working order; leather lanyard is still attached. This machete is about 17″ / 43.2 cm opened; the blade is about 10″ / 25.5 cm long. Ricasso is sharply stamped IMPERIAL / PROV. R.I. To the best of my knowledge, IMPERIAL was the only manufacturer of Type A-1 Survival Machete. This isn’t your typical folding pocket knife – the machete alone weights about 1 lb 12 oz / 0.8 kg.

Original TYPE A-1 No. 48C3639 leather sheath and stone are also unused; attached leather leg tie is still unrolled. All original stitching is intact; the leather is soft and supple. This Korean War Imperial A1 machete has not been cleaned or tampered with in any way. It is in 100% original “as purchased” condition; these are the actual photos; Garand clips are not included with the lot 😉 I have several fighting knives made from converted sabers, as well as some scarce WW1 and WW2 fighting daggers and trench knives available for sale – please take a look in our Militaria section.

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