WW2 era American Type B-16 compass made by Bendix Aviation Corp; original sales receipt included – rare as such


Original WW2 USAF Type B16 compass with original sales receipt included. Great overall condition; hard-to-find this nice and complete. FREE EXPEDITED SHIPPING WITHIN THE US for this item.

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WW2 US M44 helmet net with band, card included. Rare original WW-II era issue in excellent overall condition; hard-to-find this nice and complete.

Original WW2 manufacture Type B-16 flight compass for American military aircraft. This specimen was manufactured by Bendix Aviation Corporation. The compass had and original sales receipt neatly tacked-in between the mounting plate and the compass body. The front is stamped with the following Air Force serial number: AF-42-52940; the back is hand-painted B-25 /41-12826. Not sure about the aircraft with the first serial, but the aircraft TB-25C serial # 41-128826 (trainer) was involved in mid-air collision accident in California in the summer of 1944, when it was piloted by Wiliam D. Krauss. The crash resulted in “Substantial/ Major replacement”; I guess this explains two serial numbers as whatever parts could be salvaged were removed and sold/re-used. Either way, this is a pretty cool piece of American aviation history; don’t miss your chance to add it to your collection!

This WW2 USAF Type B16 compass was part of the diverse collection of militaria items that I’ve recently purchased spanning from WW1 to the War in Vietnam. This personal collection contains many interesting items, some are unique, but there is just too much work to list it all at the same time. Please check out my site periodically for new arrivals; I’ll be listing more items in the next few weeks.

This original WW2 USAF Type B16 compass has not been cleaned or tampered with in any way, it is in 100% original “as is” condition. These are the actual photos. I have a few more original WW2 era American, British, and German militaria collectables, as well as several scarce WW1 and WW2 fighting daggers and trench knives from other countries available for sale – please take a look in the store’s Militaria section.

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