USA WW2 era Robeson Cutlery (RCC) USN MK2 Mark 2 fighting knife, original 1944 NORD composition scabbard


Original Robeson Cutlery WW2 RCC MK2 fighting knife, navy-gray 1944 NORD composition scabbard included. Great overall condition, considering the age.

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WW2 RCC MK2 fighting knife made by Robeson Cutlery, navy-gray 1944 NORD composition scabbard included. Great overall condition, considering the age.

Original WW2 era famous US Navy Mark 2 “Ka-Bar” fighting knife (the link is a courtesy of Wikipedia) manufactured by Robeson Cutlery Company (stamped R.C.C. on the guard) with original “navy-gray” NORD composition scabbard. A bit used but  still in solid working condition; hard to find this nice as most of MK2s were used as intended during the war. MK2 is the classic American fighting knife; this type was used in combat in all theaters of WW2 and in virtually every war thereafter.

This Mark 2 is about 12″ / 30.5 cm overall; the blade is about 6-7/8″ / 17.5 cm.  No pitting, spine dings, or edge nicks the blade; the pommel is near-perfect – scarce this nice. The blade is razor-sharp still; the tip is intact. Stacked leather washes and hammer-like round pommel handle is tight; all parts are tight with no play. Original Navy-gray NORD composition scabbard by Beckwith Manufacturing Co. division of Victory Plastics (VP). Production numbers on the back indicate June 1944 delivery to US Navy. Original “navy-gray” finish; no dents or chips; the webbing is in great shape with no damage; one minor hairline crack near the tip is noted for accuracy (nothing major). This original WW2 RCC MK2 fighting knife is in 100% serviceable condition still; with proper care it will last another 75 years 😉

During the war most of MK2s were used in the field as intended and most were worked to death; these mid-war MK2s are hard to find in better grades. This attractive WW2 RCC MK2 fighting knife has not been cleaned or tampered with in any way, it is in 100% original “as is” condition. These are the actual photos; spent brass is not included with the knife 😉

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