FOSTER BROS USA WW2 era “OSS Drop Knife” fighting dagger, M1873 bayonet blade, original metal scabbard/web frog. RARE UNUSED

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Original WW2 Foster Bros fighting knife (aka OSS Drop Knife) made from M1873 trapdoor spike bayonet blade, hard to find orig metal scabbard, web frog included. Rare UNUSED condition – very hard to find this nice and complete.

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WW2 Foster Bros fighting knife (aka OSS Drop Knife) made from M1873 trapdoor spike bayonet blade, hard to find original metal scabbard, web frog included. Rare UNUSED condition – very hard to find this nice and complete.

Rare original WW2 era so-called “OSS Drop Knife” spike blade fighting dagger made from the Indian Wars era Springfield M1873 trapdoor socket bayonet. This fighter comes with an equally scarce original WW2-era finished metal scabbard – both are in mega-rare unused condition. These unusual weapons were reportedly manufactured during the war by Foster Brothers Company (Foster Bros) under a contract for the US military. In order to satisfy the demand for much-needed fighting knives early in the war, Foster Bros manufactured these sturdy fighters from whatever obsolete bayonets and sabers Uncle Sam could find in arsenal storages. Forced to improvise during the wartime shortage of quality materials, Foster Bros had reserved to using cut-up garden hoses and metal scrap for handle materials. The result is this improvisation was a somewhat crude, but very effective and practical fighting dagger.

Interestingly enough and in spite of its common name in the collectors’ circles, there is no evidence supporting the claim that these “OSS Drop Knives” were actually air-dropped to OSS operatives or local resistance behind enemy lines during the War.  This exact “OSS knife” type is illustrated on page 172 of the U.S. MILITARY KNIVES; BOOK IV published in 1973 by M. H. Cole, and on page 175 of the KNIVES OF THE UNITED STATES MILITARY WORLD WAR II book by Michael W Silvey – a well-established expert and the author of a number of books on the subject of the US military edged weapons (see the book’s scan attached).

This “D-guard” fighting knife is about 14-1/8″ / 36 cm overall; the blade is about 8-3/4” / 22.3 cm long. The blade is in excellent condition with most of the original bluing remaining, the tip is intact; no dings or edge nicks. Some light surface rust is noted for accuracy (cleanable). The four-point steel “D-guard” over rubber hose handle with a sharpened protruding “scull crusher” for a pommel.  The handle is in excellent condition; all parts are tight with no play. Hard-to-find original metal scabbard and web frog are included; these were finished during WW2 from re-purposed original M1873 scabbards. Web frog seems to be date-stamped 1945 but the stamp is hard to read.

This converted M1873 socket bayonet – turned WW2 Foster Bros fighting knife is a rare find these days, especially in minty condition. Most of the surviving WW2 era “OSS Drop Knives” are in private collections and are off the market. This WW2 Foster Bros fighting knife / fighting dagger is one of the best American WW2 era “non-regulation” fighters with a lot of character and in excellent overall condition, you will not be disappointed!

This rare WW2 Foster Bros fighting knife has not been cleaned or tampered with in any way, it is in 100% original “as is” condition; these are the actual photos. I have several WW2 era bayonets and fighting knives made from converted WW1 sabers, as well as some scarce WW1 and WW2 fighting daggers and trench knives available for sale – please take a look in our Militaria section.

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