Vietnam War Canadian Arsenals Ltd M1917 bayonet for US 12-gauge trench gun & original BA Inc scabbard, 1960th production; great condition


Original Vietnam War M1917 trench gun bayonet made by Canadian Arsenals Ltd, orig B.A. Inc. composition scabbard. Rare type in great condition, considering the age.

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Vietnam War M1917 trench gun bayonet made by Canadian Arsenals Ltd, original B.A. Inc. composition scabbard. Scarce type in great condition, hard to find this nice.

Scarce Vietnam War era US M1917 “trench gun” bayonet issued for US military 12-gauge pump-action trench guns. The bayonet and its original US-M1917 B.A. Inc – marked composition scabbard are practically unused; this type is scarce in general and VERY hard to find this nice and complete. The M1917 originated in the WW1 era; interestingly enough this type was also used in combat in WW2, as well as during the Korean and Vietnam War. More information on this rare bayonet type could be found here, courtesy of Wikipedia.

This rare M1917 specimen was manufactured circa 1966-1967 under the US government contract by Canadian Arsenals Ltd – the old Long Branch Arsenal in Quebec, Canada (stamped CA on the guard). The Canadian M1917s are more scarce than their American-made counterparts produced in the late 1960th by General Cutlery of Fremont, Ohio (GEN CUT markings). This is a very high-quality manufacture bayonet with crisp blade lines and excellent dark-gray parkerized finish throughout; the blade is razor-sharp with an original edge. Black plastic handle grips are great condition with just a couple of minor contact marks. All handle parts are tight; the pommel is intact and problem-free; bayonet release mechanism is excellent and 100% functional. The bayonet is about 21-1/2″ / 54.5 cm overall; the blade is about 16-3/4″ / 42.3 cm long. Original composition scabbard was made by Beckwith-Arden Inc. of Massachusetts, MA (marked B.A. INC. on the throat). The scabbard looks unused but has a hairline crack near the tip. Other than that this set is in excellent shape overall. This original Vietnam War M1917 trench gun bayonet and its original B.A. Inc. scabbard set us a desirable and highly collectible type; rare this nice and complete.

This scarce Vietnam War M1917 trench gun bayonet and scabbard set has not been cleaned or tampered with in any way it’s in 100% original “as purchased” condition; these are the actual photos. Don’t miss your chance to add this scarce Vietnam War era bayonet set to your collection! I have several WW2 era bayonets and fighting knives made from converted WW1 sabers, as well as some scarce WW1 and WW2 fighting daggers and trench knives available for sale – please take a look in our Militaria section.

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