Vintage NEVADA SILVER Co silver ingot 3.93 OZS old poured bar RARE


Vintage NEVADA SILVER Co (Rawhide, NV) old poured silver ingot 3.93 OZS – RARE Western Americana collectible

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Vintage NEVADA SILVER Co silver ingot 3.93 OZS old poured bar RARE

VERY hard to find NEVADA SILVER COMPANY poured silver ingot dating back to the early 20th century; a very hard-to find specimen. The origin of these attractive “screaming eagle” ingots is very interesting, to say the least. The Nevada Silver Company was officially organized in 1919 by a group of Idaho lawyers in Rawhide, Nevada. Today Rawhide is completely gone, replaced by an enormous open-pit gold mine  (Rawhide’s Wikipedia page) that obliterated all traces of the original settlement. The Nevada Silver Co. did not last and had its charter revoked in 1927. The silver promotion of the 1920’s did not work and companies such as Nevada Silver Co. folded, leaving only a few ingots and rounds in private hands.

And this is where the story gets interesting – the first record of these highly collectible ingots was made in 1955, when a small hoard of about 50 of these bars appeared, and they were made available to the public. This discovery is attributed to the late John Ford, Jr., a well-known New York coin collector and numismatist. Some claim that the discovery was made by Paul Franklin, who allegedly found a few of these silver bars in a safe in Tonopah, NV. References to Paul Franklin range from a well-known numismatist/collector of precious metal bars, to the more frequent assessment as a notorious counterfeiter and forger whose territorial gold coins and “Western bars” were of legendary infamy. Whatever the true origins of these “screaming eagle” ingots are, they have been quickly taken up by collectors. By now most have disappeared into private collections; today Nevada Silver Co. ingots are VERY hard to find available for sale. Also, we have a few vintage silver ingots available in our Bullion store section, please take a look.

Perfectly centered Nevada Silver Co logo with an eagle in a circular punch pattern on the front. The punch mark logo was made in the manner more typical of a coin strike at a mint – by striking the surface with a large steel die, leaving a raised, highly detailed impression. The force required to leave such a sharp design has to be much greater than needed for a more common “imprinted” stamp typically found on other silver bars; this points to fairly sophisticated production methods. The ingot measures about 53.5 mm by 35 mm; it is about 7.7 mm thick; the pour is perfectly even without blemishes or depressions. Value and fitness stamps 999 FINE / 3.93 OZS. / VAL. $5.06 are below the logo. The back is stamped 999 / fine silver and the upper edge plain is stamped with rectangular “SILVER” stamp. The bar weights 3.942 Troy oz / 4.325 oz / 122.6 grams (verified); it is in excellent overall condition with attractive dark-gray patina. The surface has a nice smooth “as made” texture; there are no typical nicks or ding marks. Not cleaned or tampered with; these are the actual photos. Not a later reproduction or a copy – guarantied to be genuine or your money back. Due to US customs restrictions related to shipment of silver bars overseas we will not ship this item internationally.


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