Switzerland Swiss Cantons Nidwalden 1861 silver 5 Francs/Shooting Taler, XF; only 6K minted-rare


Commemorative Swiss Nidwalden 1861 silver Shooting Taler; rare annual shooting festival issue – only 6K minted. Nicely toned XF. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE U.S. FOR THIS ITEM

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Swiss Nidwalden 1861 silver Shooting Taler; rare annual shooting festival commemorative issue – only 6K minted. Nicely toned XF

In the 1800th – early 1900th Swiss Cantons held official annual shooting festivals at various locations. These annual events were hugely popular with the gun-loving Swiss. So each year in addition to the fun sport of shooting at targets which did not fire back, drinking absinthe, and eating tons of fine Swiss chocolate, the officials of the festival-hosting cantons would issue a small quantity of so-called “shooting Talers”. These coins were technically equal to 5 Swiss Francs but were mostly issued as commemoratives and some were given out as prizes to the participants. Most of these Shooting Talers are hard to find nowadays as just a fraction of the original mintages survived.

This specimen was minted by Nidwalden to commemorate the 1861 shooting festival (Richter-1022a, Krause-302). The original issue was just 6,000 coins; reportedly less than 1000 survived. The coin is about 37 mm in diameter, 25 grams; reeded rim; medal alignment.  Very attractive specimen with good overall eye appeal. Not cleaned with original light-gray patina; these are the actual photos. This original Swiss Nidwalden 1861 silver Shooting Taler is guaranteed to be genuine or your money back. I have more vintage European coins, as well as commemoratives, medals, badges, pins, and medals available for sale, please check out our Badges & Medals store section for additional listings.

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