GERMANY airship Graf Zeppelin (D-LZ127) 1929 “Flight to the Orient” silver medal by Karl Goetz (K-428); RARE type

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Original Germany Karl Goetz 1929 Graf Zeppelin airship silver medal – March 1929 “Flight to the Orient” (K-428) type – VERY rare. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE U.S. FOR THIS ITEM

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Germany Karl Goetz 1929 Graf Zeppelin airship silver medal – March 1929 “Flight to the Orient” type (Kienast-428). VERY hard to find nowadays.

Rare Karl Goetz airship medal struck in 1929 to mark the so-called “Flight to the Orient” of the famous German airship Graf Zeppelin (D-LZ127); Kienast reference #428. An “antique mate” finish specimen; seems to be an old cleaning. The medal is about 36.1 mm in diameter; 20 grams; inscription on the the rim reads BAYER HAUPTMUNZAMT FEINSILBER (Bavarian State Mint Fine Silver in German). Early Zeppelin medals are very collectible and highly though-after by many collectors; the “Flight to the Orient” airship medal is one of the hardest to find. A rare “airship type” medal by the famous German medalist in excellent overall condition; don’t miss your chance to add it to your collection!

Graf Zeppelin (German designation D-LZ 127) was probably the most famous rigid airship ever; it was designated for transporting passengers and cargo over long distances at the speed unheard of at the time. One of the largest airships of the time, Graf Zeppelin had a crew of 36 (!!) men. The airship’s length was 776 feet/236.53 meters; ship’s diameter: 100 feet/30.48 meters; gas volume (Hydrogen): 3,700,000 cubic feet/111,000 cubic meters. This giant ship was propelled by five 550-hp Maybach engines at the maximum speed of 80 mph / 128 km/hr. The most successful commercial airship ever built, Graf Zeppelin flew more than 1,000,000 miles on 590 flights, carrying well over 34,000 passengers without a single injury. Sadly, the “golden era” of these giant airships was brief: the Nazis cut up all of their rigid airships in 1940 as the quality aluminum was needed for Luftwaffe’s warplanes.

Karl Goetz was born in Augsburg, Germany and studied in Leipzig, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Utrecht, Le Locle (Switzerland), and in Paris. With the start of WW1 Karl Goetz became an artist known around the world for his 1914-1923 satirical medals. Overall, Goetz created about 180 satirical medals and close to 800 medals overall; all are very collectible and highly prized today. He also designed a series of pattern coins, tokens, and medals for the German Empire, the Weimar Republic, and the Third Reich Germany. Karl Goetz survived WW2 and died in his native Munich in 1950.

This rare original Germany Karl Goetz 1929 Graf Zeppelin airship silver medal is not a later reproduction or a copy. It is guaranteed to be 100% genuine or your money back; these are the actual photos. Don’t miss your chance to add this attractive vintage airship memorabilia to your collection!

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