GERBER USA 1985-1986 Mark II dagger, carved marine ivory eagle head handle, orig rosewood stand. Less than 100 made; RARE


Vintage 1985-1986 Gerber carved ivory handle Mark II dagger, whale tooth eagle head handle, original rosewood stand. VERY rare type – less than 100 made; key set for any Mark 2 collection.

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Gerber carved ivory handle Mark II dagger, whale tooth eagle head handle, original rosewood stand; hand-made circa 1985-1986 in the US. VERY rare type – less than 100 made; key set for any Mark 2 collection. 

Mega rare vintage GERBER LEGENDARY BLADES Mark II dagger with the hand-carved eagle head handle painstakingly cut from a a solid piece of a whale tooth. Part of the 1985-1986 limited run consisting of 25 numbered animal head sets produced by Gerber and Northwest Arts and Crafts of Seattle; there were 4 different animal head handle types in total. The serialized sets were intended to be gifted to Gerber Executives in 1986, prior to the Fiskars take-over since Gerber was soon to be acquired by Fiskars Brands Inc.  Approximately 25 numbered sets were intended as gifts for the VIPs; an additional 35 to 50 unnumbered eagle head knives which were sold independently by Northwest (estimates vary depending on the source; the overall number is certainly less than 100 “ivory head” Mark 2s).

This dagger has the “standard” Mark II Combat Knife double-edged spear point blade with the Gerber logo on one side of the ricasso; the upturned quillion cross guard is a solid chunk of a polished brass.  The two piece construction grip section is custom-fit with the front half being smooth, round fancy grain walnut bordered at the rear with a scalloped brass band. The whale tooth part is scrimshawed on the underside of the carving with the weight of the carving and federal identification number by Northwest Arts and Crafts during the production. These registration numbers make this marine ivory product legal, showing that the sperm whale tooth the handle was carved from was federally registered in accordance with the 1972 Marine Mammals Protection Act. This specimen’s registration number is 330001600/ 165gm, scrimshawed on the underside of the eagle’s beak. The dagger is about 12-3/8″ / 31.5 cm overall; the blade is about 6-3/4” / 17.2 cm.  These sets were sold without sheaths; original exotic rosewood stand these fancy daggers were sold with is included.

This rare vintage Gerber carved ivory handle Mark II dagger set is part of a small collection of daggers and vintage fixed-blade knives I’ve recently purchased. You can check out the other daggers from this collection by clicking on the following tab: daggers. Also, I have a small but very interesting collection of various edged WW1 and WW2 era weapons available for sale. Don’t forget to check out our Militaria section for other WW1 and WW2 era combat knives, including German WW1 era trench knives, and WW2 USAF Pilot Knives we offer for sale.

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