1500th-1800th Laos/Thailand bronze Lat money-aka “boat money” ingot

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Original 1500-1800th Laos and Thailand bronze Lat money ancient “boat money” ingot monetary unit; great condition with orig patina. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE U.S. FOR THIS ITEM

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Thailand bronze Lat money ancient “boat money” ingot circulated circa 1500th-1800th in Laos/Thailand. Old hand-poured bar; original patina.

Original ancient “boat money” poured bronze ingot, also called Lat money which  from the ancient Lan Chang Kingdom in South-East Asia; circa 1500th-1800th. Lan Chang was covering the area that is Thailand and Laos now.  Bronze “boat money” and silver “Tiger Tongue” monetary units originated in the 16th century.  In 1707, the Kingdom of Lan Chang divided into the two kingdoms of Luang Prabang and Vientiane which also adopted the Lat currency and continued use such ingots in trade and commerce till the end of the 19th century.  In the 20th century most of the silver bars were chopped-up for trade or melted down; older ingots are getting impossible to find, especially in unaltered original condition.

This attractive specimen is about 3-1/2″ / 88 mm long, 1/2″ / 13.7 mm wide at the widest point and about 4.8 mm thick in the center.  A great-looking vintage bronze bar; the pour is nice and even without large blemishes ore test cuts; a few oxidation spots are noted for accuracy.  This Lat  “money bar” weights 1.36 oz / 38.6 grams (verified). The ingot is in excellent overall condition with original dark-brown patina throughout. The surface has a nice smooth “as made” texture with no typical large dings or chop marks.

Not a later reproduction or a copy – this original Thailand bronze Lat money ancient poured “boat money” monetary ingot is guaranteed to be genuine or your money back. Not cleaned or tampered with; these are the actual photos. Due to US customs restrictions related to the shipment of silver bars overseas, we will not ship this item internationally, sorry.

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