WW2 Germany Malsch & Ambron Model 1 Fallschirmjäger-Messer Luftwaffe/paratrooper “gravity knife”; rare maker


Original Germany WW2 Malsch Ambron paratrooper knife; scarce pre-war production non-takedown Model 1 by a rare maker in fare condition, considering the age.  FREE EXPEDITED SHIPPING WITHIN THE U.S. FOR THIS ITEM

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Germany WW2 Malsch Ambron paratrooper knife; scarce pre-war production non-takedown Model 1 by a rare maker in fare condition, considering the age.

Scarce pre-WW2 manufacture German airborne units “Fallschirmjäger Messer” fighting knife manufactured by Malsch & Ambron in Steinbach, Germany. The knife is well-used; the original MALSCH & AMBRON / STEINBACH etching on the blade is barely visible; the edge was re-sharpened. Looks like the back spring has been professionally replaced, the knife is in working order. I’m selling this item on a consignment; a reserve price has been set by the seller.

Developed in 1937, Fallschirmjäger Messer was originally only issued to the German paratroopers as an emergency-assist knife which could be operated one-handed to cut entangled parachute cords, etc. Later in the war this type was issued to all Luftwaffe aircrews (WW2 German Airforce). In 1944 a number of FS knives were also issued to a Wehrmacht Skijäger – army “ski troops” infantry regiment operating in the northern Ukraine / central Belorussia forests. See a couple of rare WW2 era reference photos of German Skijägers on a winter patrol in the Ukrainian Pripyat region in 1944. One of the Skijägers clearly has a nice Fallschirmjäger Messer dangling off his belt (photos are for reference only and will not be included with the knife). A relatively small number of 350,000 Fallschirmjäger-Messer knives were produced in total by six different manufacturers; very few survived the war in decent condition. The knife was large enough, practical, and reliable in the field; it was well-received by the airborne troops and became a subject of envy to all the rest of the men in uniform. The early FS Model 1 type made by Paul Weyersberg & Co, as well as later take-down Model 2 types are illustrated on pages 239-242 the excellent French reference book Knives and Daggers-Bayonets Used by the German Army During 1914-1945 by Christian Mary (see the book’s scans attached). These large Fallschirmjäger-Messer knives are pretty hard to find in original condition nowadays. See the dedicated German gravity knives page, courtesy of Wikipedia. By mid-war stainless steel was becoming scarce in Germany and most of the “non-essential” wartime production had to switch to a “regular” high-carbon steel. In later-production Fallschirmjäger Messer knives stainless steel parts had been gradually replaced by blued carbon steel due to the wartime shortages of the strategic material. Also, I have one well-preserved late-war Fallschirmjäger Messers specimen available for sale, if you are interested.

This is a scarce pre-war manufacture Model 1 specimen with all stainless steel metal parts; Malsch & Ambron made a relatively small number of Fallschirmjäger Messers before the war; once World War II started the company was declared “non-essential” for the war effort and most of its 500 workers were drafted into Wehrmacht, effectively ending all production. These days Malsch & Ambron paratroopers’ knives are hard to find in any shape or form, don’t miss your chance!

The knife is about 6-1/8″ / 15.5 cm closed; the blade is about 4″ / 10.2 cm long; the blade has been harshly re-sharpened; it is very sharp still; the tip is intact. The blade has a typical bit of a play when opened but overall it is in good shape, considering the age. Company “water pumping man” logo MALSCH & AMBRON / STEINBACHI is barely visible on one side. Heavy-duty marlin spike is about 3-1/2” / 9 cm; spike tip is intact, original D-ring stainless steel shackle is intact. The spike spring is in perfect working order; the spike opens and closes with a sharp snap.

Original hardwood handle scales with 4 steel pins; the handle is in very good overall condition; one handle scale has 4.0 and a letter B scratched into it; I’m not sure what that means. After 80 plus years this original Germany WW2 Malsch Ambron paratrooper knife is still in very good shape, considering the age. Today most of the surviving model 1 Germany WW2 Malsch Ambron paratrooper knife types are in private collections & rarely come up for sale; don’t miss your chance to add this specimen to your collection! Please check out our Collectable Blades and Militaria sections for a variety of custom-made and various WW1 and WW2 combat knives.

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