SOUTHERN & RICHARDSON, Sheffield WW2 era fighting dagger, orig GI-decorated leather scabbard; scarce type in rare top condition


British WW2 Southern Richardson fighting dagger made in Sheffield, England; original GI-decorated leather scabbard. Rare type in excellent overall condition.  FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE U.S. FOR THIS ITEM

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WW2 Southern Richardson fighting dagger made in Sheffield, England; original GI-decorated leather scabbard. Rare type in excellent overall condition, considering the age.

Original WW2 era British ”private purchase“ fighting dagger made by SOUTHERN & RICHARDSON in Sheffield, UK. This is an unusually well-preserved specimen with the original GI-decorated leather scabbard included; this type is VERY rare this nice and complete.

Southern & Richardson had always made a quality product; their daggers were very popular with the British and American servicemen stationed in the UK during the war. Many British and American servicemen used these fine fighters in every combat theater in Europe, North Africa and in the Middle East. See a copy of the original WW2 era photo of two US Ranges overlooking the Anzio beachhead landing area; the man on the right has a similar type of British-made dagger on his belt (this photo is courtesy of Wikipedia and is not included with the knife).

This dagger is in rare slightly used condition with the blade that shill has most of its original bright finish – well-above the average for the type. The blade Is razor-sharp still; the tip is intact.  The famous “bird’s nest” company logo is crisp and clear on one side of the blade; a couple of minor surface rust spots (cleanable) are noted for accuracy. Stacked leather washers handle with brass and black-n-red fiber spacers at the ends. A decent-size bronze double-guard and the “mushroom head” pommel; the handle is tight; all parts are solid with no play. This dagger is about 11-5/8″ / 29.5 cm overall; the blade is about 6-7/8″ / 17.5 cm long.

Original brown leather sheath marked MADE IN SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND is in very good shape, considering the age. Original keeper; initials FXV on the throat, the front is GI-decorated with two crossed rifles. All stitching and rivets are intact; the leather is soft and supple; one small cut at the throat is noted for accuracy. A scarce WW fighting knife in rare top-notch condition; don’t miss your chance to add this intriguing British WW2 Southern Richardson fighting dagger with to your collection!

This original Sheffield-made WW2 Southern Richardson fighting dagger has not been cleaned or tampered with in any way; it is in 100% original “as is” condition; these are the actual photos. I have more WW2 American fighting knives, as well as several scarce WW1 and WW2 fighting daggers, bayonets and trench knives available for sale – please take a look in our Militaria section.

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