WW2 era KA-BAR “Seabee” model utility/fighting knife, original NORD composition scabbard; excellent condition


Original WW2 Ka-Bar USN Seabee utility-fighting knife, blued blade, orig NORD composition scabbard. Great overall condition, considering the age.  FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE U.S. FOR THIS ITEM!

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WW2 Ka-Bar USN Seabee utility-fighting knife, blued blade, original-issue gray NORD composition scabbard. Great overall condition, considering the age.

Original WW2 era American utility/fighting knife manufactured during the war by the famous Ka-Bar in Olean, New York; comes with the original-issue “navy-gray” NORD composition scabbard. Although it looks similar to MK1 utility knife, this is a much more scarce WW2 era US Navy issue  “Seabee” model utility-fighting knife with a distinctive flat-ground blued 5″ blade and a  large flat and round steel pommel. The same type by a different manufacturer is illustrated on page 53 of the US MILITARY KNIVES, BOOK TWO by M.H. Cole – a well-established expert and the author of a number of books on the subject of the US military edged weapons (see the scan attached).

The blade is about 5-1/8″ / 13 cm; the knife is about 9-1/2” / 24 cm overall. The edge is razor-sharp still; the tip is intact; about 60% of the original blade blueing is remaining. Ricasso is stamped USN one one side, KA-BAR / OLEAN, N.Y. on the other. Stacked leather washers handle with black fiber spacers at the ends, solid steel half-hilt hammer-like round iron pommel. The handle is tight with no play, all parts are solid; leather washers are in great condition; one gap on a single washer is noted for accuracy.  Original Navy-gray NORD composition scabbard by Beckwith Manufacturing Co. is in great shape as well; production numbers on the throat indicate March 1945 delivery to US Navy. Original “navy-gray” finish; no cracks, dents or chips; the webbing is great with no damage.

This WW2 Ka-Bar USN Seabee fighting-utility knife is scarce in general and rare in good condition nowadays – most of these “Seabee” utility knives were used as intended during the war and relatively few specimens survived to this day in good condition.  This specimen is in great shape overall, considering the age; you will not be disappointed!

This attractive WW2 Ka-Bar USN Seabee fighting-utility knife and its original scabbard have not been cleaned or tampered with in any way, they are in 100% original “as is” condition. These are the actual photos; spent brass is not included with the lot 😉 We have a few more American WW2 era combat knives and bayonets, as well as several scarce WW1 and WW2 fighting daggers and trench knives from other countries available for sale – please take a look in our Militaria section.

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