1940th vintage Anderson Knives Fish Knife, original leather sheath; scarce type in rare unused condition


Original WW2 era Anderson Fish Knife with original leather sheath. Scarce type in rare unused condition – VERY hard to find this nice. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE US FOR THIS ITEM!

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WW2 era Anderson Fish Knife with original leather sheath. Scarce type in rare unused condition – VERY hard to find this nice. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE US FOR THIS ITEM

A well-made late WW2 era fish knife made by ANDERSON KNIVES in Glendale, CA, USA. Of course, Anderson is known for their excellent WW2 era fighting knives made from the cut-up WW1 era M1913 Cavalry Sabers, typically referred to as “Patton Swords”.  The M1913 saber was developed by the now-famous General Patton prior to WW1. The sword was an excellent weapon but it was rendered useless by the advances in modern warfare by the time the United States has actually entered WW1. After the Great War ended most of the M1913 sabers ended up collecting dust in the government arsenals. The “Anderson fighters” are illustrated on pages 50-53 of the KNIVES OF THE UNITED STATES MILITARY WORLD WAR II book by Michael W Silvey – a well-established expert and the author of a number of books on the subject of the US military edged weapons (see the book’s scan attached).

As the war in Europe was winding down Anderson started selling their fighting knives through newspaper ads, advertising them as “hunting knives”. The Fish Knife was sold along the cut-down saber fighter; it was made utilizing the same “mold plastic handle” technology – see a copy of circa 1945 newspaper ad in the photos. This fighting knife is about 9” / 23 cm overall; the blade is about 4-5/8” / 11.7 cm. The blade is excellent; factory edge is razor-sharp; fish scaler on the spine is nice and sharp; the tip and the bottle opener are intact. The original classic Anderson “molted beige” cast plastic handle is in excellent condition, considering the age – no cracks, dings, or chips on the plastic; the handle is tight with no play.  Original leather sheath is in great shape as well, considering the age. These cheap, “stapled leather” war-time production sheaths are actually more scarce as the knives themselves – the sheaths were pretty flimsy; most fell apart after a year or two.

This WW2 unfinished Anderson fighting knife is a great find – today most of the surviving WW2 Anderson fighting daggers are in private collections and are off the market. This is one of the best WW2 era “non-regulation” US fighting knives with a lot of character and in excellent overall condition, you will not be disappointed!

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