WW2 era British No. 7 MK1/L Land Service bayonet made by Royal Ordnance Factory, original scabbard, web frog; RARE


Rare British WW2 No 7 MK1L LAND SERVICE bayonet, original metal scabbard, web frog. Made by Royal Ordnance Factory – scarce manufacturer; great overall condition, considering the age. FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING FOR THIS ITEM!

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British WW2 No 7 MK1L LAND SERVICE bayonet with original metal scabbard and “broad arrow”-marked web frog. Made by Royal Ordnance Factory – scarce manufacturer; this set is in great overall condition, considering the age.

Original WW-2 era British No. 7 Mk1/L (Land Service) bayonet & scabbard for Lee Enfield bolt action rifle and MkV Sten sub-machine gun; a rare type. Only 176,000 of these complex & difficult to manufacture bayonets were made. This specimen was manufactured by Royal Ordnance Factory – one of the harder to find makers of the Land Service bayonets.

The “seven” was a very innovative but complex design with a unique swiveling pommel; certainly a design “over-kill” for a nation at war. Part knife-bayonet and part socket-bayonet, the No. 7 Mk-I/L could be mounted on Lee Enfield No. 4 bolt action rifles AND on Sten sub-machine guns AND it could be used as a fighting knife. Despite all of it’s versatility, the “seven” was not used in combat during WW2. Instead, these bayonets were used for ceremonial purposes on just a few occasions. VERY small quantity of these unique bayonet-knives survived post-war.

This bayonet is only slightly used; the blade is excellent; the scabbard looks unused; scarce correctly-marked web frog is included. Original factory edge; the tip is intact; minor contact marks on the pommel are noted for accuracy. Paxolin handle (a resin composite) is in excellent shape; bayonet release and swiveling lock mechanisms are perfect and 100% functional. This bayonet/fighting knife is about 12-3/8″ / 31.5 cm overall; the blade is about 8″ / 20.4 cm. Very interesting and hard to find British WW2 No 7 MK1L Land Service bayonet – it will be a great addition to any collection!

This original WW2 British No 7 MK1L Land Service bayonet has not been cleaned or tampered with in any way, it is in 100% original “as is” condition. These are the actual photos; spent brass is not included with the lot 😉  I have a few more WW2 era machetes, several WW2 fighting knives/bayonets, as well as some scarce WW1 and WW2 fighting daggers and trench knives available for sale – please take a look in the store’s Militaria section.

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