MARBLE’S USA original-design 6″ blade Jet Pilot Knife made circa 1961-1963, orig leather scabbard/stone/leg tie; rare unused condition


MARBLES 1960th Jet Pilot Survival Knife, early 1960th leather scabbard with honing stone; RARE Vietnam War era model. FREE SHIPPING within the U.S. for this item.

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MARBLES 1960th Jet Pilot Survival Knife, bright-finish 6-inch blade, early 1960th “13-rivets” military-issue leather scabbard with honing stone. RARE Vietnam War era model in hard to find UNUSED CONDITION.

This is one of the hardest to find Marble’s models – an original-issue “Pilot Survival Knife” that was designed by Marbles for the US military and some actually were issued to to the US Navy pilots during the trials. Rare unused condition; proudly made circa 1961-1963 in Gladstone, Michigan USA.  Marble’s was one of the best US makers of hunting knives, axes and other outdoors gear since 1898.

In 1957 Marble’s came up with the original design for the now-famous “Jet Pilot Knife” and provided the specs, along with the trial batch of knives, to the US military.  The navy pilots loved the knife and it received rave reviews from the field. Marble’s was fully expecting to be awarded the actual contract for 30,000 knives and started the production in anticipation of the much-expected win.  The government had other plans however, and simply gave away the specifications for the new knife to competitors for bidding. Camillus was the lowest bidder and got the contract to build thousands of Jet Pilot knives,  just as the Vietnam War was unraveling.  For their hard work, ingenuity, and blind trust Marble’s  got nothing. Cheated out of money/new contract and lied to by government officials, Marble’s began selling the already-manufactured “Jet Pilot Knives” as a new model civilian “survival knife”. These were excellent knives and identical to the original military version in every respect, except for a bronze guard and colored spacers on the ends of the handle. The “original mil-spec stock” knives all had ferro-blued blades – a special rust-resistant Fe3O4 (magnetite) coating similar to “parkerized” finish. The ferro-blued blades ran out of stock in 1961; post-1961 survival knives all had polished bright-finish blades.  This specimen has  the post-1961 “bright” blade and the original 13-rivet “mil-spec” leather scabbard with these knives were sold with up to about 1963. A lot of these original 1959-1960th production era had actually ended in Vietnam, brought into the country as “private purchase” fighting knives.

The knife is about 10-3/4″ / 27.3 cm overall; the blade is about 6″ / 15.2 cm long; 3-line Marble’s / Gladstone / MICH. U.S.A. logo stamped on ricasso. Original edge is razor-sharp; the tip is intact; the saw teeth on the back are in great shape with no damage. Stacked leather washers handle with colored fiber-n-brass spacers at the ends. The head-duty “hex” pommel is a solid chink of polished steel; the extra-wide guard is cut from bronze; all handle parts are tight with no play. An early 13-rivets original “survival” type leather sheath with a front pocket is in great condition, considering the age; the leather is soft and supple. All original rivets and stitching are intact, original keeper is nice and tight, factory-issue leg tie-down leather cord is still neatly tacked-in into the belt loop. Original honing stone is present and intact; it’s in great condition. This vintage MARBLES 1960th Jet Pilot Survival Knife with original early “13-rivets” military-issue leather scabbard is in excellent over condition, considering the age.  This type is mega-rare this nice and complete; don’t miss your chance to add this rare early Marble’s Ideal to your collection!

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