GRAF ZEPPELIN airship original 1928 gold-trimmed 4-3/8″ inch porcelain saucer; Heinrich Co. Bavaria, Germany RARE


Graf Zeppelin LZ127 airship porcelain saucer; rare gold-trimmed “Ivory Porcelain” in-flight service china made circa 1928 for the German Zeppelin Airline Company by Heinrich Co. in Bavaria, Germany (plate #1).  FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE U.S. FOR THIS ITEM

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Graf Zeppelin LZ127 airship porcelain saucer; rare gold-trimmed “Ivory Porcelain” in-flight service china made circa 1928 for the German Zeppelin Airline Company by Heinrich Co. in Bavaria, Germany (plate #1).

This is one of the few surviving specimens of an extremely rare “in-flight service” porcelain tableware that was used on board of the legendary German rigid airship Graf Zeppelin in the 1920th. More about airship Graf Zeppelin is provides on this dedicated Wikipedia page; this airship was the last flying giant in its class and probably the most famous blimp of all times. German designation for this famous airship was LZ127; she became the most recognized airship in the world after she completed the first intercontinental flight in 1928 and the first around-the-world airship flight in 1929. Graf Zeppelin and its sister ship LZ129 Hindenburg had implemented innovative designs and were designated for carrying a large number of passengers and cargo over long distances. The passengers aboard Graf Zeppelin airship traveled in unparalleled luxury and comfort, enjoying their meals in the full-size dining room with dishes served on fine “ivory” china trimmed with 24K gold – see the actual photo of the ship’s interior dining area attached, courtesy of Wikipedia.

One of the largest airships of the time, Graf Zeppelin had a crew of 36 (!!) men. Here are a few basic facts about LZ127: ship’s length – 776 feet/236.53 meters; ship’s diameter: 100 feet/30.48 meters; gas volume (Hydrogen): 3,700,000 cu. feet/111,000 cu. meters; propulsion: five 550 hp Maybach engines; maximum speed: 80 mph / 128 km/hr. The most successful commercial airship ever built, Graf Zeppelin flew more than a 1,000,000 miles on 590 flights, carrying well over 34,000 passengers without a single injury. Sadly, the Nazis cut up Graf Zeppelin along with the rest of the German rigid airships in 1940 – quality aluminum was needed for the Luftwaffe’s war machines…

This small gold-trimmed “ivory” porcelain saucer plate is a shining example of such long-gone airship travel experience. The plate is decorated two wide ornamental gold trims and two narrow gold bands with one cobalt-blue band in the center. The fine porcelain tableware for the German Zeppelin Airline Company was made by Heinrich & Co. in Bavaria, Germany. The back is marked with green H&Co. SELB Bavaria Germany logo and HEINRICH-ELFENBEIN-PORZELLAN (Heinrich Ivory Porcelain) / >>GRAF ZEPPELIN<< / 1928 in red-brown letters; faint master maker’s marks E and S are visible under the glazing. The saucer is in excellent overall condition with no damage; it is about 4-3/8″ / 11 cm in diameter; looks unused, no chips, cracks, or flacking to the gold trims’ plating.

This original Graf Zeppelin LZ127 airship porcelain saucer manufactured by Heinrich Co. in Bavaria is in 100% original “as is” condition – not cleaned, repaired, or tampered with; these are the actual photos. Don’t forget to check out our Vintage Collectables section for other aviation-related listings, including several other Graf Zeppelin items (we have another, practically identical Graf Zeppelin saucer available for sale in our store).

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