Dutch 1970th KCB-70M bayonet for Stoner 63 modular weapon system, manufactured by Eickhorn Co. in Germany; orig multi-use scabbard; rare UNUSED


Original 1970th Dutch KCB-70M bayonet made for Netherland by Eickhorn Co. in Germany. Original multi-use scabbard; rare UNUSED condition, scarce this nice.

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Dutch KCB-70M bayonet made for Netherland by Eickhorn Co. in Germany in the 1970. Original multi-use scabbard; rare UNUSED condition, scarce this nice. 

The KCB-70M bayonet was designed to be used with the Dutch  Stoner 63 modular weapon system; the bayonet was manufactured for the Dutch military in Germany by the famous Eickhorn Co. starting 1970. Not a particularly rare type but hard to fund in unused, minty condition nowadays. This is your typical top-tier piece of the famous German engineering. The overall quality is excellent; the scabbard could be utilized as the take-down tool as well as the electric fence/wire cutter – see the scan of the original 1970th brochure for the KCB-70M attached. Also, the KCB-70 family was designed to fit the US-made M16/AR small arms.

This specimen is in scarce unused condition; the bayonet is about 12″ / 30.4 cm overall; iron-oxide finish blade is about 6-7/8″ / 17.5 cm long. Original factory edge is very sharp; the tip is intact. Ricasso is marked with the classic Eickhorn’s “squirrel” logo. Molded black nylon-plastic handle grips; all parts are tight with no play; bayonet release mechanism is excellent and 100% functional.  Original scabbard can be used with the bayonet as a wire cutter; it has an insulated mid-section rated up to 20,000 volts, according to the manufacturer.  Heavy-duty metal tip also features a take-down tool and a bottle opener (an indispensable feature in the battlefield, I’m sure). The scabbard is also unused; web hanger is excellent with no mold or rust stains; all parts are nice and tight.

This original Vietnam War era Dutch KCB-70M bayonet set is in excellent shape and in 100% serviceable condition. Not cleaned or tampered with in any way, 100% original “as is” condition; spent brass is not included with the lot 😉  I have more Vietnam War fighting knives and bayonets, as well as several scarce WW1 and WW2 American and European fighting daggers, bayonets and trench knives available for sale – please take a look in our Militaria section.

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